eugene_df (eugene_df) wrote,

Open letter to Microsoft about Windows 8 (please - help circulate!)

Why?! Why You completely remove standart Windows 7 interface out of Windows 8???
Sorry for expressive words, but your "metro" - is fuckin bullshit!!!!
I am system administrator with 10 years of experience. Windows-sysadmin.

Your "Metro" - broke all work experience of windows. Its not usability. Its not eye candy!

It stupid, ugly and not intuitive interface, not purposed to desktop computers or laptops.

Oh, yes. On the communicators - this OS looks like bullshit too.

This is - only beta-version. You are have time to correcting your mistakes.

In the name of all windows users and administrators - i demand: Turn back standart windows interface! Give us rigth to choise! Those who wanna use Metro - must can turn its interface from control panel, or in installation stage.
Others - must can use new Windows OS - like old one.

We like "Start menu". Whe like intuitive and logic-depended interface of Windows 7.

We do not wanna new "Metro", which looks as if it created a crazy minimalist, with an IQ of George Bush and the problems with the left hemisphere of the brain (which is responsible for the logic).

I repeat once again:

1) Your "Metro" - not logical.
2) Your "Metro" - not comfortable. Especially on normal computers without a capacitive display.
3) Your "Metro" - looks ugly.
4) Your "Metro" - lost its intuitiveness. For example setting the keys for switching input languages. Why was it necessary to change working fine and logical scheme, which has lived for ten years (with output Windows XP) - on the illogical, perverse scheme that do not fit into any logic? In windows 7 i can change languages changing key - in two click. In 8 - four!

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